BabyLegs Newborn


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Newborn BabyLegs make frequent diaper changes a breeze and provide a cozy layer of warmth both in the hospital and after returning home. Newborn BabyLegs are also made with organic cotton and are latex-free.


Size: Newborn - 7cm wide by 21cm long(versus our standard 8cm x33cm)Composition: 85% organic cotton, 13% nylon, 2% latex free spandexWeight: 2.0oz


  •  Make diaper changes a breeze
  •  Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces
  •  Keep legs warm year round
  •  Provide light weight sun protection
  •  Jazz up any dance class
  •  Feet remain free to allow for successful crawling, walking, and dancing
  •  They also help keep socks on
  •  Make EC'n & potty training easier
  •  Help keep the bugs away on arms and legs
  •  Extra layering for those cold days
  •  Great for wearing over socks/pants to keep the snow out of the snow boots


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