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Oscha Ladybirds Paris Wrap Oscha Ladybirds Paris Wrap Oscha Ladybirds Paris Wrap

Oscha Ladybirds Paris


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Happily met, jay blue lambswool cotton blend weft with bright rose cotton warp. May threads so happily wrought never be pulled asunder. 30% lambswool 70% cotton

About Oscha: Oscha Slings (pronounced 'O-Sha') produces beautiful, high quality wraps & ring slings. The fabric is woven in the UK and Ireland, and then hand-crafted in Scotland. Oscha is a family business with a strong tradition of artistry & craftsmanship. Custom fabric blends, patterns and colourways are created to make exclusive slings. 

Oscha wraps can be used to carry your baby from birth through to toddlerhood, however, some are of a heavier weight and are best suited for older babies and toddlers and will be noted in the product description. They are available in a wide range of elegant designs and blends, including cotton, hemp, linen, silk, wool and cashmere. 

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