Atlantick Lava Bead Bracelet Ticklets - Red

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Extend the Scent: Our carefully selected, unwaxed lava beads are designed for maximum outdoor spray absorption, keeping the scent lasting up to 2 days. Simply add some Tick Attack™ Botanical Insect Repellent or one of our AtlanTick Signature Blendslet it soak in and experience the diffusion of fragrant essential oil aroma throughout the day


Size: Our porous Lava Bead Ticklets come in two sizes and are considerably adjustable, allowing for custom individualized fit.

  • The small extends from a minimum 13cm circumference to a maximum 26cm circumference,
  • The large extends from a minimum 15cm circumference to maximum 30cm circumference.


Colours: Ticklets comes in earthy red along with the black volcanic lava beads.

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