Baby's First Words

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Spend the day with a busy baby and her two dads, and learn the words for things you do and see along the way! This innovative first-words book features labels for objects, actions and sound effects.

Baby's First Words, an ALA Rainbow Book List Top Ten Pick for 2018: Learn over 100 early vocabulary words with a toothy toddler and her two dads! Cheerful acrylic illustrations and digital collage artwork will keep little eyes glued to the pages, searching for the silly woolly mammoth on each one. Designed to support babies' natural pattern of language development, this first word book for the modern world reflects the earliest nouns, verbs, prepositions, adjectives and interjections that children learn to say. Best suited to babies up to 2 years

Written By: Sunny Scribens, Stella Blackstone and Illustrated By: Christiane Engel

Book printed using recycled paper & vegetable-based ink.

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