WoW Cup Baby Juicy


WoW Cup Baby Juicy WoW Cup Baby Juicy WoW Cup Baby Juicy WoW Cup Baby Juicy

WoW Cup Baby Juicy



These REFRESHING and JUICY translucent COLORS make a great addition to our POPULAR bright solid colored cups. Featuring a translucent
see-through cup with our
NEW secure-lock thread system.

Drink through gentle sucking without the need to press buttons, move levers, or sip on straws and spouts. The 360° Uni-Flow™ drinking edge allows you to just pick up the cup and drink anywhere along the rim. After drinking, the valve automatically seals itself until you take another drink. The Wow Cup® is spill free, worry free and hassle free!

The Wow Cup® drinkware is delivered with the assurance and guarantee of being
100% BPA & Phthalate free and made only from the safest food-grade plastic materials.

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