Drink in a Box

Drink in a Box

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  • There is nothing worse than a soggy lunch bag, wet books in a backpack, or finding your kids shirts just got a big SQUIRT of juice from a disposable juice box.
  • Drink in the Box is an attractive, leak and squirt-proof way to send drinks with kids.
  • No more soggy lunches, squirting on shirts, or lost straws.
  • Precidio perfected this design over 3 years of investing in testing and prototyping, and uses only medical-grade silicone seals and air-tight lids
FACT: Disposable juice boxes are terrible for kids
  • Usually poor quality juice
  • High sugar content (+7 tsp in some cases)
  • No fibre
  • Evaporated vitamins
  • And are even susceptible to hidden mold –  just do a search on “juice box mold” for yourself!

    How do you know what your kids are drinking if you cannot see inside the box??

    Drink in the Box gives you control and variety, so you can give your children healthy alternatives.
    • Just fill DIB with water and berries or sliced fruit, or squeeze your own fresh juice

    Available in 8oz and 12 oz.

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