romantic lace reverse 2


romantic lace reverse 2

LennyLamb Ergonomic Carrier, Romantic Lace Reverse - Second Generation

Lenny Lamb



LennyLamb Ergonomic Carrier is a type of a structured carrier that has been designed with a special system of straps and buckles to provide you with a carrier which assures perfect fit.

- Jacquard weave 100% cotton

- Made of LennyLamb fabrics - highest quality fabrics made of the finest yarn, all yarn and dyes used for LennyLamb fabrics have the Oko-tekst standard 100 certificate

- Made in Poland

- Three point safety buckle prevents accidental opening

- Four way adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect fit

- Adjustable hood

- Contoured panel, soft padded straps and legs out padding for the baby

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