Nest Designs Bamboo Jersey Swaddle Sleep Bag 0.25 TOG - Feather Grey

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Wrap your bundle of joy in our cozy Swaddle Sleep Bag made from our silky smooth blend of bamboo and cotton. With removable velcro swaddle wings, you’ll have your little one swaddled and snug as a bug in a cinch.

When your little bub is ready to roll and explore, you can wrap the wings around their belly for a calming and gentle squeeze, then transition to just the sleep bag once your baby is comfortable.


  • Bamboo jersey is buttery soft, hypoallergenic, and thermal regulating. 
  • Two piece set that includes the sleep bag and velcro swaddle wings, so you can adjust to suit bub’s sleep preferences.
  • 0.25 TOG rating for rooms 27 degrees Celsius and above (81 degrees Fahrenheit and above).
  • 0.5 TOG rating with swaddle wings.
  • Two-way zipper makes diaper changes a breeze.
  • Protective zipper flap with snaps keeps baby’s skin from getting pinched as you zip.
  • Button snaps ensure removable wings stay put.

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