Substance- Unscented Natural Sun Care Creme


Substance- Unscented Natural Sun Care Creme

Substance- Unscented Natural Sun Care Creme



Simple yet effective, our chemical-free Sun Care Creme keeps the skin protected by creating a natural physical barrier to protect against the elements. Natural oils of Shea butter, Sesame Seed and Jojoba offer added sun protection, while moisturizing and soothing sensitive skin.

Our botanical blend of organic Calendula, Grapeseed and Green Tea extract cool and soothe over-exposed skin. Water resistant, this formula is safe for the entire family. In terms of its sun protecting, moisturizing, and skin-soothing properties, the Unscented Sun Care Creme is no different than the Natural Sun Care Creme. The only difference is that they have omitted the Essential Oil blend, for those who may have some sensitivities to scent. They do not use any artificial fragrances in their products. Please note that while the original scented formula acts as a natural insect repellent, the unscented version does not contain those same repelling properties.

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