TULA Woven Wraps: Nadia Lagoon Sale


TULA Woven Wraps: Nadia Lagoon

TULA Woven Wraps: Nadia Lagoon


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A supportive, stunning woven wrap in a sophisticated design

 Size 6 (4.6m)

♥ Soft and supportive Tencel® 55%, Cotton 45% blend
♥ Medium weight wrap (270 +/- 30 GSM)
♥ Special finishing process makes this wrap soft and does not require any breaking in.

♥ Woven in the USA
♥  Ideal for children, including newborns and toddlers

Tula Wovens are wraps specifically designed and woven for Tula. Similar to a stretchy wrap, a woven wrap is a piece of soft fabric that can be used to safely wear your child in a variety of carries. Woven wraps are very versatile and supportive allowing front, back, and hip position carries. 

Tula wovens are ready to wear when received and do not need to be washed immediately. The wrap will become softer, and moldable, the more you wear your baby.

Tula is committed to protecting our environment and to awareness of our social and ecological impact as much as possible. We continually seek to offer an outstanding product that keeps our future decision-makers close to our hearts, while protecting the home that they will one day inherit. We are thrilled about our new blend of woven wrap made with Tencel®, a brand of fiber made from the naturally-grown wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. Tencel® is an incredibly strong, yet elegantly soft fiber which naturally possesses amazing breathability and moisture control, while offering the additional benefits of eucalyptus: water savings, renewable growth, and environmental stewardship. It’s a matter of balance… and Tula (with Tencel®) has got it down!


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