Boba 4G Carrier and Boba Hoodie Review

I was so excited when I found out that a new carrier was coming out. I have been using Boba carriers and wraps since Capri was 5 months old (she is now a little over 3.5 years old). I have had the joy and pleasure of using all 3 versions of the Boba and have loved the improvements with each one. The biggest new feature for the Boba 4G  is the infant insert that comes with the carrier, and since I was due to have Lyra a month or so after the release of the 4G I had the great privilege of being sent one from Boba to try out.
The 4G has the same great features of the 3G like multiple pockets, foot stirrups for toddlers, an easy to pack away hood, and of course the wonderful patterns you can pick from. BUT the new features of the 4G are specifically for carrying your brand new babies.
The Boba 3G carrier allowed you to carry babies as small as 7lbs by folding up the bottom and flipping the buckles around, this was great except when I needed to take out a newborn and put my toddler on my back in a rush. That is what I love about the 4G, instead of flipping the bottom up and having to switch the buckles you just snap in this small pillow which helps put your new babe up high enough in the carrier that you can kiss their head. When they get a bit bigger you un-snap it to the second setting so that they can put their legs out more and sit a bit lower. So when I need to quickly put Payson on my back because she is tired of walking I just have to unsnap the pillow and toss it in my diaper bag for later use.
The sleep hood also has longer straps on it now so you can cross the hood over to help support your little ones head while still being able to see their face.
The second amazing  product that Boba just introduced is their new and improved Boba Hoodie. This is a product I have been dreaming of. I remember wrapping blankets over top of Capri in order to keep her warm when we would go on walks, so this hoodie solves that problem.
The hoodie has a side zipper so that you can put baby in your carrier or wrap and just slip the hoodie over top. Lyra is still small enough that I can put my wrap and hoodie on first and slip her in the top opening which is great on cold days when we go to the grocery store. One of my favourite features is that there are two openings around the sides (think of where you would have pockets) so that you can easily adjust baby, or lower them so you can breastfeed with the hoodie still on. There are also hidden pockets on the inside of those slit openings.


The great thing about the hoodie, is it is reversible. It does take some practice to put the hoodie on backwards and slip the opening over your child’s head, but once you do it a couple of times it is easy. The hood is made in a way so that you can adjust it a bit and it looks like a cowl neck sweater.
And the material of the hoodie is amazing, it is light feeling, but still nice and warm (kind of an athletic type material), and the bottom of the sleeves have thumb holes which I LOVE!!
This review is used with permission from Deborah Gilbert. You can find more reviews on her blog "as time flies" (

Amanda H wrote this on the product review: "I LOVE this sweater - the material is so easy and comfortable while being fashionable and functional. I love that I can wear it while forward carrying and back carry. I wear it almost every day while I walk the dogs or doing yard work."


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