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Raising Natural Babies - Our 5 Fave Eco-friendly Suggestions and Products

20 April, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

Today in our live video, we talked about our favourite products and ways for parents to raise their babies naturally!


To celebrate  #EarthDay2017,  we are proud to carry eco-friendly baby products that make Earth a greener place to live in. To promote Earth Day, we are having SALE on selected Eco-friendly products, 10-20% off. Starting on April 22nd, and ending on April 24th, 2017 or till quantity last. For more sale items, please visit SALE section on our website and pop into the store to see them in person and chat with one of our awesome staff!


The following is the list we featured in our Live video/giveaway on Thursday April 20th, 2017

1. Diaper Free

How to go diaper-free

New parents could change thousands of diapers by the time a child is two or three years old. Or, go diaper-free.

Ingrid Bauer coined "elimination communication" after traveling throughout India and Africa where diaper-less babies are the norm. EC uses a combination of signals, timing, intuition and body language. It's not toilet training in the traditional sense—like the "potty dance" and bribing your toddler with M&Ms. The process begins during early infancy (0 to 4 months).

Sound impossible? You know when your baby needs to eat and burp, right, what with the flushed cheeks, grunts and cries? We've all known a toddler who holed up in the corner while filling his or her pants, too.

The benefits are obvious—fewer diapers will save money, prevent a rash and stop clogging landfills.

 With diaper free, we suggest our Ubbi Potty, because as we say, it is never too early to buy a potty!! 

The Ubbi 3-in-1 Potty combines functionality and design providing parents with the convenience of a single product throughout all the phases of potty training and beyond: 1) potty 2) toilet trainer 3) step stool. The potty has a built-in splashguard and a deep inner bowl that is easy to clean and remove. Ergonomically designed for comfort, the toilet trainer has integrated handles for an added sense of stability and security with a non-skid edge that is contoured to safely hold the child in place when on the potty or on the toilet. The potty rests on a colorful and contemporary bottom that keeps firmly on the floor without sliding around, converting into a practical stand-alone step stool.



  1. Give cloth a chance!

Cloth diapers aren't what they were 30 years ago. Today they're stylish, eco-friendly, 100 per cent organic cotton, and we’ve current carry most brands that are made in Canada.

Apply "reuse" when it comes to diapering your baby and you'll reduce your family's household waste and save money. They're the ultimate "green" baby gift. 

According to Environment Canada,

  • 8000:The number of diapers the average baby uses before potty training.
  • 200 to 500:Years it takes petroleum-based disposable diapers to decompose.
  • 4 million:More than 4 million disposable diapers are discarded in Canada each day.

Brands we carry:

  • Bummis – Organic prefolds with materials most sourced within North America
  • AppleCheeks – Canadian, cute, exclusive, soft bamboo inserts, 4 sizes
  • AMP – Hemp fitted, OS with bamboo, hemp, etc… wide variety of rainbow colours!

    Click here to check out our selection of cloth diapers!


  1. Food Choice

- Feed your little one: From breast or bottle?
This one's a no-brainer: breastfeeding is best. It's free, has health benefits for mother and baby, has no environmental impact, and is a precious bonding experience. However, in our commerce-driven society there are products for everything, and breastfeeding is no exception.

  • For breast pads, try re-usable organic cotton pads that we covered in our last Live video. – Bummis, AppleCheeks breast pads
  • Organic nipple creams – Anointment, Earth Mama
  • If bottle feeding becomes a necessity, pumping your own is the first choice. Beyond that, using a fair-trade organic infant formula is preferable.
  • At about six months, babies start to eat solid food.

Buying jars of food is sure convenient, but it isn’t that much harder trying to make your own especially those who are trying to practice Baby-Led Weaning, which we are hoping to invite a local ND to give a talk on this topic another week.


A few examples:











  1. Natural Skin Care

Lather up with natural skin care
When it comes to skin care for baby's delicate skin - less is more. The best baby lotion is natural and un-perfumed.  We offer a few lines of natural skin care for babies from bum creams to natural chest rubs:

- Check out our Anointment selection here!

- Check out our selection of Earth Mama Angel Baby here!

- Check out our selection of Delish products here!


  1. Make play-time green-time with greener toys
    Get back to basics and try old fashioned wooden toys and organic cotton or homemade teddies. Because babies put most things in their mouths, go as natural as possible. Also aim for toys that help build a child's bond with nature and the natural world.

- Grimm toys:


- Janod toys:


- Peppa Organic Bunnies:


 Thanks for checing out our blog! Head on over to our Facebook page and like and share our oringal post about our live Thursday giveaway for natural babies and be entered to win one of the prizes! Don't forget to tune in next Thursday (April 27th) to see how won!

Feel free to chime in any of your eco-friendly tasks that you do at home! We'd love to hear from you!

Love Always,

Team FBB


Easter Goodies Ideas for the Littles

11 April, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

  1. Peppa Bonding Doll
  • We all love these beautifully crafted, floppy bunnies. This is ‘Tino’, and Tino comes in a great variety of colours, but has the same delicate face. Younger babies especially love these, as they soak in the caregivers scent, and the paws and tail are perfect little nubs for small hands and mouths. Yep – they will get slobbery, but they are also very easy to clean. The head is filled with wool, and they are all fair trade and handmade. If this is baby’s first Easter, this makes a wonderful first bunny!

Peppa Tino

  1. Jellycat Bunnies
  • Have you ever felt a Jellycat stuffie? If you said no, you REALLY need to give one a snuggle. They are so incredibly soft and floppy and come in so many wonderful and magical animals! Our focus is on their bunnies, in particular in really gorgeous spring colours! If you aren’t interested in the colours, we also have some neutral tones, and also different sized bunnies. Jellycat bunnies are ideal for all ages, they can grow up with the little ones, and also make amazingly sweet photo props! If your kiddo is anything like mine, pictures with the Easter Bunny won’t happen, so one of these lovely bunnies would make a great substitute! We like the path of least resistance, how about you?

Jellycat Bunny

  1. Zoocchini Bath Towel
  • Generally when Spring is around the corner, we typically start to look at getting out more, and swimming is a huge hit in our house. Even if you don’t sign up for a structured lesson, but just partake in a family swim – or maybe you just have a little fish that loves the bathtub, a hooded towel makes the occasion that much more special. I love wrapping myself in a warm, cozy towel after getting out of the pool, and so will your kids, from baby to toddler! They come in a great selection of animals, and even a flower – and let’s face it. Even if it isn’t used exclusively at a pool, it makes a snazzy cape for dress-up. In all honesty, these are great at the younger age because when their hair gets wet, it’s really nice to be able to help keep them cozy and warm with the hood portion, while still having a great amount of ‘towel’ available to wrap them up.

Shark Towel

  1. Piggy Paint
  • Whether it is used as a learning tool for Fine Motor Skills, Color Names, Recognizing different types of patterns, or just for fun to add a pop of color to your little's nails, you can say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint…it’s as Natural as Mud!

Piggy Paint

  1. Applecheeks Swim Diapers
  • Keeping with the pool theme... you never, ever want to be the parent of the kid who shut down the pool because of... poop. It happens, but with these swim diapers, it’s avoidable! There is no need to stuff anything, because swim diapers function to hold in the poop only without the massive, gross bulk of disposable swim diapers that actually absorb pool water! Not to mention, they come in super cute colours and are very easy to wash and maintain! They are sized to ensure the best fit possible and have really great size ranges. We love our Applecheeks swim diaper – anyone else use these? Or swim diapers in general?

Applecheeks Swim

  1. Puzzles!
  • From Petite Collage, to Begin Again, we have several ones to pick from, and aged from 10 months and up! I love these 100% recycled material puzzles from Petite Collage, they offer four different challenge sets in one box which is very neat, but they are also really vibrant and very sweet to look at! A little old for these sort of puzzles? They also make memory games! Or if you’d like to stick to puzzles, Begin Again Toys have several really neat options! From puzzles, to a sort of puzzle game! These toys are not only great for the age range of our littles, but can withstand multiple children provided they are taken care of! We love that.

Begin Again Dino

  1. Petit Collage Growth Chart
  • How much fun would it be for a toddler to start the habit of measuring their height?! Petit Collage has a few very wonderful growth charts that have been beyond popular here in the store. I know I said we were going to shift from practical to fun, but I feel like this is all encompassing. It’s also easy to fold up and store! Score! 

  1. Grimm’s Building Toys
  • I rant about these. Often. Too much, maybe? Who knows. They are handcrafted, eco-friendly, incredible to look at, and very useful. They all build into something themselves, or compliment any wooden block set that already exists in the home. Great for little hands to manipulate, to stack and excellent for their creative minds. They also make for a great POP of colour in the Easter Basket! These toys range in age, and if take care of properly, will last multiple children!

  1. Papoose Finger Puppets
  • Handcrafted using 100% natural dyes and wool, these finger puppets are an absolute treat. Four puppets come in a set that are held by a beautiful rice paper box, this is fair trade at its finest. Made with love from women in villages around Kathmandu, these finger puppets will be sure to elicit squeals of delight.

  1. BOOKS!
  • I will always welcome a book as a gift, whenever. We bring so many books home just because, without occasion. But each special occasion, my son will always be gifted a book. We have a great selection of books, from the Indestructables, to Sandra Boynton.

  1. TEETH!
  • From gum-wipes, to the super popular banana toothbrush, to the toddler TheraWise toothbrush. We all should replace these things often, and what better way to do so than to gift them – especially when Easter is pretty... chocolatey. 

That’s our list – but what do you plan on gifting? What are your favourite, go-to things? Did you get any good ideas from this post? Let us know in the comment section below! 


Love Always & Happy Easter

Team FBB

Merry December!

21 December, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

I cannot believe there are THREE days before Christmas. It's mind boggling! 

We have so much to share with you all in the upcoming year, so it's no surprise we are losing track of what little time we have left in 2016. Being busy is such a good thing!

We've started to profile some of our amazing brands and items that we have in store, called the "12 Days of Christmas". Keep your eyes peeled (on Facebook or Instagram), because perhaps you'll see a good last minute gift or stocking stuffer, or who knows! It'll just be that informative piece that makes you go, "Oh! That's neat!" 

It's always fun to give everyone a good glance into WHY we carry what we do!

And starting in February, we will also be sharing our space with some incredible individuals, who are just as passionate as we are about what we love. 

The Birth Collective is a group of some mighty dedicated women who strive to empower those they come in contact with. Seriously - they're infectious (in the best possible way!). Their knowledge of birthing is vast, and their workshops create such a safe and welcoming learning environment! Curious about their offerings? Take a gander at their website, or even on our website where we have each upcoming class that you can sign up for!

Lastly, we would like to thank each and every one of you that have made purchases locally this year. Not just this holiday season - the entire year. It makes a big difference supporting as many local businesses as you can, and shows us that we are doing something right! Your continued support throughout the years makes us blush!

So for the final send off, let's power into 2017 and make even more memories!


Love always, 


Anniversary Giveaways!

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"What took them so long?!"


well. It was late, but in all honesty, we are still getting prizes for our giveaway! But as of LAST NIGHT(!) we finally have all of the prizes settled and ready to rock and roll!

So, without further delay, check out each link below and enter for your chance to win these incredible prizes!

These links will be live for ONE WEEK ONLY. So starting today, ending October. 8th 2016.

After that, the draws shall be done and some lucky folks will be very happy!

Want to see pictures of these awesome prizes? Click this link to view them all on our Facebook page! Remember: all prizes have already been chosen in terms of colour - but we will let you pick the SIZE for the following: Applecheeks envelope cover, size 1 or 2, Applecheeks swim diaper size 1 or 2.


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Fluffy Bottom Babies Newsletter

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Have you signed up for our newsletter yet?

I'm just suggesting you do, because you might find our next newsletter very, very interesting.

And pretty hefty, too. I'm sitting here, surrounded by items to be shipped out and quite a few boxes yet to be unpacked.

I'm also going to brag: I have a delicious cup of vanilla matcha latte from our new neighbours, David's Tea. They may or may not also be a part of whatever we put into our next newsletter.

So where does one sign up! You can go onto our website, right on the homepage, or you can just click this handy-dandy link!

We will send out newsletters containing anything pertaining to the store, such as sales, new products, product testimonials, employee 'interviews' and even events! And only those who subscribe will get the first insider information about all of those things!


Also don't forget, we are still looking to add to our amazing team! See this blog post for details!

- Camillia


09 September, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

We are hiring!

Fluffy Bottom Babies is an independent retailer both brick and mortar and online, born in Bedford, Nova Scotia in 2011!

We specialize in hand-picked unique baby and children’s products, including: eco-friendly and sustainable feeding items, modern cloth diaperssafe baby carriers, natural skincare products, non-plug toys as well as stylish handmade clothing and footwear for children up to 6 years of age. We are also offering strollers and accessories too! 

Because we are a growing company there is lots of room for advancement! We are looking for one energetic, friendly and ambitious part time Retail Sales Associates to join our team.

Retail Sales Associate:

As part of a passionate team, your role is to deliver more than just top customer service and sales; you will also offer knowledgeable and thoughtful assistance.
The successful candidate will have a passion for children, enjoy interacting with customers, loves taking on new challenges and is eager to become a leader. Being a parent is definitely an asset too!

Key Responsibilities:

• Generate sales by providing outstanding customer service and a positive customer experience
• Greet customers as they enter and make them feel welcome
• Build relationships with customers to help grow our loyal customer base
• To become extremely knowledgeable and familiar with store products and related safety regulations
• Find information as required; know where and how to conduct research
• Participate in ongoing product knowledge training sessions
• Assist customers with online shopping purchases via online e-commerce
• Receive new products and process them within the inventory system
• Merchandise products and build product displays
• Prepare customer orders for external shipments
• Assemble products for display purposes
• Process sales orders, payments and refunds
• May be required to open and close store
• Basic cleaning and other store operational duties
• Smile & enjoy yourself!

Knowledge, skills & abilities:

• Previous retail sales and customer service experience
• A true commitment to excellent customer service
• Strong communication skills
• Possess an enthusiastic and fun, yet professional attitude
• Polite and courteous
• Trustworthy and reliable
• High attention to detail & the ability to work quickly, efficiently and accurately under pressure
• A self-starter who is highly motivated, determined and committed to success
• Love talking to people about babywearing, cloth diapering and breastfeeding, etc...
• Flexibility around work schedules

Working Hours:  

• Part time position: 15-25 hours / week, evenings and weekends
• Salary: To be negotiated. 

If you are interested in applying for this position, please drop off a cover letter and resume in person at Fluffy Bottom Babies during our business hours at 1595 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS.


Raffle for the right to purchase Fluffy Bottom Babies Exclusive Tula - Midnight Catch!

06 January, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

24-hour  Raffle for the right to purchase Fluffy Bottom Babies Exclusive Tula - Midnight Catch!

Jan 6 @ 1:00pm

  • Enter via Raffle copter below  to win the right to purchase
  • Winners will receive paypal invoices and have 24 hours to clear the payment. After 24 hours your order will be canceled and a new winner will be drawn.
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Fluffy Bottom Babies Exclusive Tula 'Midnight Catch' Release Details

    05 January, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment


    We are so thrilled to work with Tula Baby to bring you this amazing exclusive print-Midnight Catch!  We understand that lots of people are excited and anxious to get their hands on this carrier, as much as we would love to have enough for everyone, the nature of an exclusive is that there is LIMITED quantity available. That being said, we hope you are still going to have fun with the series of contests and raffle for the right to purchase.

    Pricing:   Standard $219.99 CAD   | Toddler: $239.99 CAD

                    Shipping: $10 Flat rate within Canada, $25 Flat Rate to the US, $40 International*

    1. LOCAL PICK UP – In Store @ 1:00pm AST, Jan 12, 2016
    2. “Ready, Set, GO!!!” – FAST FINGERS STOCKING
      • FIRST ONLINE stocking - @ 1:00pm AST, Jan 12, 2016
      • SECOND ONLINE stocking - @ 10:00pm AST, Jan 12, 2016
    • Due to limited quantities, we cannot guarantee everyone who comes in person will get a carrier.
    • There will be NO ordering on the phone for the release.
    • Limit ONE per family
    • The link to order will be posted on our Facebook page at around 12:00pm AST, January 12, 2016. 
    • If you would like express shipping and extra insurance, leave a note on the comments when you check out and we will contact you for the extra cost. 
    • It may take us up to 72 business hours to ship out your order. You will receive shipping notification with tracking once your order is processed and ready to ship. 
    • *International tracking info will be updated to you about 1 week after your order is placed*
    1. 24-hour  Raffle for the right to purchase : Jan 6 @ 1:00pm
      • Entervia Raffle copter on our website to win the right to purchase (
      • Winners will receive paypal invoices and have 24 hours to clear the payment. After 24 hours your order will be canceled and a new winner will be drawn.
    2. LIKE-SHARE-TAG to win the right to purchase – starting Jan 6, ending Friday, Jan 8, 2016 at 11:59pm AST.
    • LIKE and SHARE our facebook post to be entered to win the right to purchase ONE ‘Midnight Catch’ (Your choice of size)
    • Share the love by tagging your friend(s) in the comments who may also be interested to join this contest
    • Winners will receive paypal invoices and have 24 hours to clear the payment. After 24 hours your order will be canceled and a new winner will be drawn.
       5. Facebook Babywearing Pictures – starting Jan 8, ending Sunday, Jan 10, 2016 at 11:59pm AST.
    • Share a babywearing Picture to be entered to win the right to purchase ONE ‘Midnight Catch’ Tula (Your choice of size)
    • Link to enter will be posted here once we have it.

    ** Please: limit ONE per household so that we can share the Tula love with more families. ♥

    ** This release is subject to our store general policy. 

    ** We cannot wait to see action shots of this beauty. 

    Happy Babywearing!
    Fluffy Bottom Babies


    FBB 4th Anniversary GIVEAWAYS (August 15-17)

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    Another year has gone by already! FBB is now FOUR years old (being Brick and Mortar)!

    To celebrate this milestone of our business, we would like to make sure that we thank our wonderful customers for their ongoing support for the past four years, in store and online!

    Celebrate with us by attending this special event!

    - We will have a special sale from August 15 - 16, 2015. During this sale, we will be offering a discount of 15% off regular priced items. (Tula carriers, LennyLamb carriers and some handmade items are excluded from this sale).
    Please use this discount code: Bday4
    - There will be lots awesome prizes / giveaways from our suppliers and local businesses up for grabs at our Facebook page from August 15 - 17.
    - Door Crashers in store on August 15th from 10:30am - 3:30pm, items up to 75% off regular prices, come early for best selection.
    - 'Happy Anniversary Surprise Box' will be available for purchase on our website at 3:00pm on August 15th.

    For more information, please RSVP on our Facebook event page:

    "LIKE" us now and enter to win the awesome prizes!

     To view all prizes, please visit our Facebook album



    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    LennyLamb vs Tula SSC

    27 May, 2015 1 comment Leave a comment

    Tula vs LennyLamb (LL)


    The regular Tula canvas carriers are made with a few basic canvas colours and the panel is made from a wide selection of designer fabrics, Which makes each carrier unique and fun - you can always find a print that you like. However, a lot of the prints are released in limited quantity, making it a Limited Edition., which means if you don't get it the moment it becomes available, it may become hard to find or you will be paying more than retail pricing to get what you want.  Lennylamb carriers are all made of LennyLamb fabrics (woven fabric with different weaves). Lennylamb carriers are much softer than Tula Canvas carriers! 

    Both Tula and LL can be used in front and back carries.

    • Tula does not recommend back carry until 12 months, or until baby has strong and consistent head, neck, and torso control, and can push him or herself independently into, and remain in, a seated position on a consistent basis.
    • LL suggest back carrier is for children aged 4 months and upwards (with good neck and head control)


    Tula and LL both coming in baby and toddler sizes (see measurements below)




    Standard (Baby)

    15lbs – 45lbs

    (7lbs if use infant insert)

    Approx. 11lbs – 44 lbs

    (5 – 20 kg)


    25lbs – 50lbs

    (Children must be 32” tall)

    18 months and up (44lbs)**

    ** LL Toddler: 18 months and up - 44lbs (the bottom of the panel shouldn’t be wider than the distance between the knees of the baby)


    Added: Hipbelt of LL: 28"-55" length


    • Tula makes regular Canvas SSCs that are available for retailers as well as wrap conversion SSCs that are only available through their own website stockings and few selective retailers. 
    • LennyLamb SSCs are all woven wrap conversions.


    Tula Canvas

    Tula WCs*

    LennyLamb WCs

    Standard (Baby)

    $179.99 CAD and up

    $290 - 650 USD

    (not available to retailers)

    $200-225 CAD


    $199.99 CAD and up

    $290 - 650 USD

    (not available to retailers)

    $200-225 CAD

    ** The above price is only a reference, it could vary from retailer to retailer. 

    ** Tula's Wrap Conversion Carriers (WC) that are considered hard to get because there are thousands of people trying to score at their stockings which are usually sold out within seconds. 

    Carrier Instructions: 

    For more information, please see the user instruction below: 

    LennyLamb Ergonomic Carrier User Manual

    Tula Ergonomic Carrier Instruction-Youtube

    Tula Ergonomic Carrier User Instruction-PDF

    Some real life pictures:


    Carrier Instructions: 

    For more information, please see the user instruction below: 

    LennyLamb Ergonomic Carrier User Manual

    Tula Ergonomic Carrier User Manual



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