Tots Bots V4 giveaway!

We are expecting our first shipment of the Tots Bots V4 Easy Fit Diapers next week. 
We are so excited that we think a giveaway is a must for those who are patiently waiting since Early this year! 
This is Step 3/3 of the giveaway, you must visit our Facebook page to complete Step 1 & 2. 
Thank you and good luck! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • Aurora P

    Can’t post in a CD group because all CD groups I’m in are sponsored from an specific brand like BG….

  • Victoria J Gibson

    Thank you =)

  • Tanis

    They are all soo cute!!!

  • Kathleen


  • Alisha valentine

    Love the v3 so the v4 must be great!

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