Bento Boxes

Gone are the days of using multiple lunch packets and tons of aluminum foil to pack your child a meal that is both balanced and gives them a variety of options. Whether you’re packing your preschoolers' first lunch or preparing for your teenagers' last year of school, Bento Boxes are our favorite way to effectively transport and eat a wide selection of foods while away from home.

What is a Bento Box?

Bento Boxes were invented in Japan in the 16th century and are an all-in-one solution for a single balanced meal and snacks. While they have been around for centuries, these on-the-go meal kits have gained widespread popularity in the last decade for their ease and convenience.

Why is a Bento Box so great?

Bento boxes are great for portion control. They give your kids access to a wide variety of foods, while ensuring that portions are healthy. In this way they also help you put together a balanced meal as the box typically allows for a starch, a protein and assorted vegetable and fruit side dishes. Bento Boxes also help picky eaters navigate a selection of foods without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Kids who prefer to graze love these lunch boxes for the array of smaller options you can pack. We also appreciate that you can pack wet and dry options in the same box without leakage.

Which box suits your needs?

Leak Proof:

Gone are the days of finding mysterious wet spots in your kids backpacks. The YumBox is leak proof and allows for a wide variety of foods to be packed in a single lunch tin. YumBox comes in a 4 or 6 compartment option. The 6 compartment tin (Original) is perfect for young children (toddler to age 8) as it offers a variety and promotes healthy eating habits. The 4 compartment box (Panino) holds more food for growing kids but still allows you to put together a healthy, well balanced meal. It provides for a sandwich (crust on), salad, sides and snack. Looking for something a little smaller to cover daily commutes or extracurricular activities? The YumBox MiniSnack has 3 compartments which cater for a cup worth of snacks and a dip.  



The tough part about packing school lunches is that hot food never seems to stay warm enough and cold food is room temperature by the time lunch rolls around. The OmieBox allows hot and cold food to be kept in one tin while still providing variety and healthy portion sizes. This box works well with sandwiches, soups or both! The 4 compartment Bento Box has a removable thermos for days for days where your little one would prefer a delicious sandwich (crustless). Wanting to add more compartments? The OmieDip is the perfect way to pack dips or sauces within the same tin or simply further divide the 4 compartments. This lunch kit is made for little hands and you’ll never have to worry about food coming home uneaten because your little one could not open the tin or insulated thermos.  


The Planet box is your answer if you're looking for a plastic free alternative. It is nontoxic, BPA and phthalates-free. These Bento Boxes come in a 3 and 5 compartment option. The 5 compartment Rover box makes packing a variety of smaller portions easy while still giving you the option of including “wet” foods in the 2 leak-proof containers that are included in this set. The 3 compartment Launch box is perfect for those with a bigger appetite or needing a hearty serving. If you’ve started out with the Rover and find that your child needs a little more to get through the day, the Launch Planet Box is the perfect transition. This option comes with 1 dipping container, perfect for “wet” foods.


Bento for Adults

The YumBox Presto allows for bigger portions which is perfect for teenagers or adults who want a nutritious lunch for school, sports, travel or work. This stainless steel tin features 5 compartments which still allows for variety while enjoying heartier portions. OmieGo is the next step in Bento Boxes. It allows for 1 entree and 2 snacks with its stack, lock and go feature. This set gives you leak-proof versatility and is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.


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