Celebrating Father's Day!

Welcome back to another Fluffy Bottom Babies Blog! 

Last week we had to push our live video to Friday, June 16th, due to technical difficulties. Luckily Camillia was able to pull it off flawlessly! The topic of the live was Father's Day Edition and our fave products that aren't just for mom! Dad can have some fun with too!

P.S. If you misse the Father's Day video, you can still check it out:

Part 1

Part 2

Let's get going! We're starting with some of our gift idea's for Father's Day!


  • How about an all natural, incredible smelling gift set? The Men's Grooming Kit continues to be a popular choice!
  • With a full sized soap, beard oil and hand printed kerchief, this kit ill be an instant hit with dad!
  • It smells divine, and if dad isn't much into beard oil, but still needs some sort of relief, we carry Anointment's mustache and beard balm too!
  • Also, be sure to check out the shaving soap! Dad approved. 


  • Did you know that Tula adjusts quite a bit, so mom and dads can easily wear their carrier? Well if you didn't know, now you do! Tula creates many rad-dad approved prints too, so that he can babywear and enjoy the awesome benefits to it! In the video we featured the Tula print called 'Jack.' Maybe you aren't into those sort of prints, and that's okay! Tula also makes their carrier in just solid colours, like navy, gray, and black! 
  • Tula also just came out with their new baby carrier, the Free-To-Grow which come in their own prints, like Discover! The adjustability and durability make Tula a perfect choice for taking the littles on a long walk or hike, and work wonders for the bonding process!

Tula in Jack                       Tula Free-To-Grow in Discover 


  • Perhaps you have a newborn, and maybe a stretchy wrap would be your starting point?
  • The Boba stretchy wrap is excellent; it's very soft and easy to wear. Plus this is an ideal bonding environment for baby and dad. 
  • Babies love nothing more then warm snuggles with their favourite humans, how could you resist? 

Ju-Ju-Be XY Line

  • Looking for a dad friendly diaper bag? Look no further than the JuJuBe in their XY collection. Functional and stylish, this collection is a bit more tame and neutral - plus with a new bag, Helix, these make perfect on-the-go diaper bags! 

The JuJu Be Helix bag in the colour BlackOps

Bummis & AMP

  • We couldn't resist throwing in the gorgeous plaids! You can have the little matching dad - that's rad. 
  • From the Bummis potty pant, to the AMP's one sized diaper in Timber - we love them both!

Colibri Snack Bags

  • Does dad like to snack? Dislike the extra waster of plastic baggies and not to mention the awful taste? Why not make the switch to reusable snack bags? They're very convenient, easy to wash and they look better than any plastic bag! 
  • Colibri also makes very durable and functional wet bags, whcih work VERY well in gym bags - if it can contain the smell of a poopy diaper, it can contain the smell of gym clothes!

The rest of the blog will now consist of fun bath items we like to suggest for dad and babe!


  • Boon makes so many incredibly fun and clever products for the bath! Try setting up with Ledge first, so that the water isn't spilled over onto the floor! Instead they can pour onto this ledge that allows the water to flow back into the tub. It also closes up and keep bath toys tucked away!
  • You can grab CAST, a fishing line with little toys to hook onto, or maybe PIPES, so they can again, pour water into the tub, while creating fun pathways for the water. 
  • Leave it to Boon to create fun and useful bath toys that are also very baby and toddler safe! Their goods are BPA , PVC, and Phthalate free - which basically means, AWESOME.

Delish Naturals

  • We've got the baby, the bath, and the dad - what about bubbles? Cue Delish Naturals and their delightful bubble bath. You can choose fom a variety of yummy scents, or go with a scent-free option. 
  • These bubbles are safe on skin and eyes and won't harm the environment if you have a bubble bath outside! 
  • Try taking the bubble bath camping with you, making the camping bath less of a 'chore.'

3 Sprouts 

  • You know and love 3 Sprouts for their cute toy bins and boxes, but did you know they also make really great hooded towels? They are awesome to wrap up in after a nice bath (whether it was a relaxing one, or one full of non-stop play), and will keep the little warm and dry. They have different animal faces on the hoods, but be sure to let dad know it's for the baby - not him ;)

By letting dad take over the bath time, you allow them their special time together. They can make up their own silly games and jokes, or they can take it nice and relaxed, getting used to a sweet bedtime routine. 

Sometimes, as a new dad, it might seem hard to find where you fit into the aily activities in the beginning. But it is so important for you (dad) to get in there and simply, get messy. Give babywearing a try, you won't be disappointed with the cuddles, and you may even find it therapeutic.

We hope you enjoyed our Father's Day edition of live "Thursday"! If you think we missed anything, let us know in the comments!

We'll keep you posted on Facebook and Instagram when our next live video will be!

Love Always,
The FBB Team 



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