Easter Goodies Ideas for the Littles

  1. Peppa Bonding Doll
  • We all love these beautifully crafted, floppy bunnies. This is ‘Tino’, and Tino comes in a great variety of colours, but has the same delicate face. Younger babies especially love these, as they soak in the caregivers scent, and the paws and tail are perfect little nubs for small hands and mouths. Yep – they will get slobbery, but they are also very easy to clean. The head is filled with wool, and they are all fair trade and handmade. If this is baby’s first Easter, this makes a wonderful first bunny!

Peppa Tino

  1. Jellycat Bunnies
  • Have you ever felt a Jellycat stuffie? If you said no, you REALLY need to give one a snuggle. They are so incredibly soft and floppy and come in so many wonderful and magical animals! Our focus is on their bunnies, in particular in really gorgeous spring colours! If you aren’t interested in the colours, we also have some neutral tones, and also different sized bunnies. Jellycat bunnies are ideal for all ages, they can grow up with the little ones, and also make amazingly sweet photo props! If your kiddo is anything like mine, pictures with the Easter Bunny won’t happen, so one of these lovely bunnies would make a great substitute! We like the path of least resistance, how about you?

Jellycat Bunny

  1. Zoocchini Bath Towel
  • Generally when Spring is around the corner, we typically start to look at getting out more, and swimming is a huge hit in our house. Even if you don’t sign up for a structured lesson, but just partake in a family swim – or maybe you just have a little fish that loves the bathtub, a hooded towel makes the occasion that much more special. I love wrapping myself in a warm, cozy towel after getting out of the pool, and so will your kids, from baby to toddler! They come in a great selection of animals, and even a flower – and let’s face it. Even if it isn’t used exclusively at a pool, it makes a snazzy cape for dress-up. In all honesty, these are great at the younger age because when their hair gets wet, it’s really nice to be able to help keep them cozy and warm with the hood portion, while still having a great amount of ‘towel’ available to wrap them up.

Shark Towel

  1. Piggy Paint
  • Whether it is used as a learning tool for Fine Motor Skills, Color Names, Recognizing different types of patterns, or just for fun to add a pop of color to your little's nails, you can say good-bye to harsh, smelly chemicals and hello to Piggy Paint…it’s as Natural as Mud!

Piggy Paint

  1. Applecheeks Swim Diapers
  • Keeping with the pool theme... you never, ever want to be the parent of the kid who shut down the pool because of... poop. It happens, but with these swim diapers, it’s avoidable! There is no need to stuff anything, because swim diapers function to hold in the poop only without the massive, gross bulk of disposable swim diapers that actually absorb pool water! Not to mention, they come in super cute colours and are very easy to wash and maintain! They are sized to ensure the best fit possible and have really great size ranges. We love our Applecheeks swim diaper – anyone else use these? Or swim diapers in general?

Applecheeks Swim

  1. Puzzles!
  • From Petite Collage, to Begin Again, we have several ones to pick from, and aged from 10 months and up! I love these 100% recycled material puzzles from Petite Collage, they offer four different challenge sets in one box which is very neat, but they are also really vibrant and very sweet to look at! A little old for these sort of puzzles? They also make memory games! Or if you’d like to stick to puzzles, Begin Again Toys have several really neat options! From puzzles, to a sort of puzzle game! These toys are not only great for the age range of our littles, but can withstand multiple children provided they are taken care of! We love that.

Begin Again Dino

  1. Petit Collage Growth Chart
  • How much fun would it be for a toddler to start the habit of measuring their height?! Petit Collage has a few very wonderful growth charts that have been beyond popular here in the store. I know I said we were going to shift from practical to fun, but I feel like this is all encompassing. It’s also easy to fold up and store! Score! 

  1. Grimm’s Building Toys
  • I rant about these. Often. Too much, maybe? Who knows. They are handcrafted, eco-friendly, incredible to look at, and very useful. They all build into something themselves, or compliment any wooden block set that already exists in the home. Great for little hands to manipulate, to stack and excellent for their creative minds. They also make for a great POP of colour in the Easter Basket! These toys range in age, and if take care of properly, will last multiple children!

  1. Papoose Finger Puppets
  • Handcrafted using 100% natural dyes and wool, these finger puppets are an absolute treat. Four puppets come in a set that are held by a beautiful rice paper box, this is fair trade at its finest. Made with love from women in villages around Kathmandu, these finger puppets will be sure to elicit squeals of delight.

  1. BOOKS!
  • I will always welcome a book as a gift, whenever. We bring so many books home just because, without occasion. But each special occasion, my son will always be gifted a book. We have a great selection of books, from the Indestructables, to Sandra Boynton.

  1. TEETH!
  • From gum-wipes, to the super popular banana toothbrush, to the toddler TheraWise toothbrush. We all should replace these things often, and what better way to do so than to gift them – especially when Easter is pretty... chocolatey. 

That’s our list – but what do you plan on gifting? What are your favourite, go-to things? Did you get any good ideas from this post? Let us know in the comment section below! 


Love Always & Happy Easter

Team FBB

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