Raising Natural Babies - Our 5 Fave Eco-friendly Suggestions and Products

Today in our live video, we talked about our favourite products and ways for parents to raise their babies naturally!


To celebrate  #EarthDay2017,  we are proud to carry eco-friendly baby products that make Earth a greener place to live in. To promote Earth Day, we are having SALE on selected Eco-friendly products, 10-20% off. Starting on April 22nd, and ending on April 24th, 2017 or till quantity last. For more sale items, please visit SALE section on our website and pop into the store to see them in person and chat with one of our awesome staff!


The following is the list we featured in our Live video/giveaway on Thursday April 20th, 2017

1. Diaper Free

How to go diaper-free

New parents could change thousands of diapers by the time a child is two or three years old. Or, go diaper-free.

Ingrid Bauer coined "elimination communication" after traveling throughout India and Africa where diaper-less babies are the norm. EC uses a combination of signals, timing, intuition and body language. It's not toilet training in the traditional sense—like the "potty dance" and bribing your toddler with M&Ms. The process begins during early infancy (0 to 4 months).

Sound impossible? You know when your baby needs to eat and burp, right, what with the flushed cheeks, grunts and cries? We've all known a toddler who holed up in the corner while filling his or her pants, too.

The benefits are obvious—fewer diapers will save money, prevent a rash and stop clogging landfills.

 With diaper free, we suggest our Ubbi Potty, because as we say, it is never too early to buy a potty!! 

The Ubbi 3-in-1 Potty combines functionality and design providing parents with the convenience of a single product throughout all the phases of potty training and beyond: 1) potty 2) toilet trainer 3) step stool. The potty has a built-in splashguard and a deep inner bowl that is easy to clean and remove. Ergonomically designed for comfort, the toilet trainer has integrated handles for an added sense of stability and security with a non-skid edge that is contoured to safely hold the child in place when on the potty or on the toilet. The potty rests on a colorful and contemporary bottom that keeps firmly on the floor without sliding around, converting into a practical stand-alone step stool.



  1. Give cloth a chance!

Cloth diapers aren't what they were 30 years ago. Today they're stylish, eco-friendly, 100 per cent organic cotton, and we’ve current carry most brands that are made in Canada.

Apply "reuse" when it comes to diapering your baby and you'll reduce your family's household waste and save money. They're the ultimate "green" baby gift. 

According to Environment Canada,

  • 8000:The number of diapers the average baby uses before potty training.
  • 200 to 500:Years it takes petroleum-based disposable diapers to decompose.
  • 4 million:More than 4 million disposable diapers are discarded in Canada each day.

Brands we carry:

  • Bummis – Organic prefolds with materials most sourced within North America
  • AppleCheeks – Canadian, cute, exclusive, soft bamboo inserts, 4 sizes
  • AMP – Hemp fitted, OS with bamboo, hemp, etc… wide variety of rainbow colours!

    Click here to check out our selection of cloth diapers!


  1. Food Choice

- Feed your little one: From breast or bottle?
This one's a no-brainer: breastfeeding is best. It's free, has health benefits for mother and baby, has no environmental impact, and is a precious bonding experience. However, in our commerce-driven society there are products for everything, and breastfeeding is no exception.

  • For breast pads, try re-usable organic cotton pads that we covered in our last Live video. – Bummis, AppleCheeks breast pads
  • Organic nipple creams – Anointment, Earth Mama
  • If bottle feeding becomes a necessity, pumping your own is the first choice. Beyond that, using a fair-trade organic infant formula is preferable.
  • At about six months, babies start to eat solid food.

Buying jars of food is sure convenient, but it isn’t that much harder trying to make your own especially those who are trying to practice Baby-Led Weaning, which we are hoping to invite a local ND to give a talk on this topic another week.


A few examples:











  1. Natural Skin Care

Lather up with natural skin care
When it comes to skin care for baby's delicate skin - less is more. The best baby lotion is natural and un-perfumed.  We offer a few lines of natural skin care for babies from bum creams to natural chest rubs:

- Check out our Anointment selection here!

- Check out our selection of Earth Mama Angel Baby here!

- Check out our selection of Delish products here!


  1. Make play-time green-time with greener toys
    Get back to basics and try old fashioned wooden toys and organic cotton or homemade teddies. Because babies put most things in their mouths, go as natural as possible. Also aim for toys that help build a child's bond with nature and the natural world.

- Grimm toys:


- Janod toys:


- Peppa Organic Bunnies:


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Feel free to chime in any of your eco-friendly tasks that you do at home! We'd love to hear from you!

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