Safe and Non-Toxic Teething Alternatives!

This past Thursday (May, 4/2017) our live video featured a list of our go-to non-toxic teething alternatives! This blog will feature some quick tips to help your baby ease through the teething process and suggest some of our favourite products we carry!

Let's get to it!

First up - 1. Cold

a. Applying something cold to help numb the gums is very effective and soothing for teething pain – even we put cold on things to help, so it’s no different for babies!
b. Try a frozen wash cloth like our locally hand made Bubble Bum cloths, or choose between Lulujo, AMP, Grovia or Bummis!

c. Wet and partially freeze one of those clean cloths for your little to chomp on – this is also helpful if you’re worried about your nursling biting the nipple while eating and teething!
d. A Peppa Bonding doll would also make a great cold fabric teether!
e. Don’t forget about Boon Pulp – you can fill it with frozen berries, frozen cubes of breastmilk, or even just an ice cube.


2. Applying Pressure

a. Along with something cool, applying pressure will also help relieving some discomfort!
b. Whittle Wood Teethers are an excellent, Canadian made wooden teethers for 3+ months that are handcrafted with anti-bacterial and non-splintering maple hardwood. They come in various shapes to suit your babies teething style.
c. We all know about Sophie Giraffe, she's a natural rubber teething toy which everyone loves. Sophie is also made from a natural food grade paint making it safe to be munched on!
d. How about teethers that help reach the back – because molars happen, and generally aren’t pleasant. We have several great options, like the Como Tomo silicone teether, Zoli bunny teether, and the always “a-peeling” Banana Teething Toothbrush!
e. Maybe your little likes to jam their hands in their mouth? Perfect time to introduce the Munch Mitt! Velcro this puppy on their hand, and voila! The Munch Mitt even has some crinkle paper inside, so a bonus toy!

3. Teething Jewlery

a. The Chewbeads are a great tool and accessory for mom and baby! Mom or any caretaker would wear the necklace, and the babe will grasp and chew the beads! Made of medical grade silicone and out of bright colours, these are perfect for babies mouths and they are also used as a great sensory tool to keep them focused while nursing. They come with a breakaway clasp, just in case they get too grabby for mom’s neck!
b. As a bonus, Chewbeads also make styles for juniors so when your litle ones get bigger they can match mom! Chewbeads also make super cute pacifer clips, and car seat/stroller clip on toys too!


4. Amber Teething Necklaces & Anklets!

 Check out our selection of amber teething necklaces here!

a. Amber necklaces have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and we’ve had debates on whether it works or not. 
b. We will share with you some facts, and some information on the amber that we do carry – it’s important to know where the amber comes from!
c. We source our amber necklaces and anklets from Healing Amber, who gets the amber itself from Lithuania.
d. Amber is a fossilized resin, not a stone – this means when worn on the skin, the natural heat from our bodies warms the amber up, which releases the anti-inflammatory oils to be absorbed by the bloodstream. This can have a soothing and calming effect for teething babies and toddlers.
e. In some European countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria, amber necklaces are sold in local pharmacies, making it a very common thing to see!
f. Are they safe? If you buy a reputable amber necklace, you should notice that each bead is secure on the string and knotted before and after every single bead. So in the unlikely event the string is broken, no beads will come loose. They are secured with a screw clasp, not a hook and ring or magnetic clasp. But, please don’t leave children unattended with their necklace, anklet or bracelet, it may present a chocking hazard.
g. You also need to be sure it FITS properly! These are not meant to go in the mouth!

We carry a wide selection of healing amber products, from baby sizes in necklaces and anklets to adult sizes in bracelets and necklaces too!

5. Different teethers for different stages!

a. Not all teeth are made equal, and some teethers are better suited for certain teeth than others.
b. First up – the bottom two teeth. The rest of the gum line will be soft, so stay with a soft silicone or natural rubber teether for those chompers.
c. Second to come in (normally) are the top four. By now the bottom teeth in conjunction with the top ones, they get sharp and can perforate shallow plastic teethers and especially those gel filled ones – we never, ever recommend those because if they puncture through it, who knows what they can ingest. Look for thicker and more durable teethers for this stage.
d. Third – the bottom teeth, and then those molars! You’ll need to find something that can reach JUST to those molars and nothing further. We don’t want the littles gagging themselves! The Como Tomo is amazing at this!
e. Lastly – the canines. For some, these are the worst ones to come in, but it’s almost over!
f. We carry a wide selection of teethers here in store an online! If you're in the market for one, don't be shy! We're here to help!

6. Lastly;
a. Remember: you are the expert on your baby – not us, not your parents, not your in-laws, YOU. We are stronger together when we are able to hear from each other what things have worked and what things haven’t, because then you can narrow down the items based on your knowledge of what your little one needs. SO – what has worked for you as a teether? What hasn’t? What would you recommend for those losing sleep over the white pearls of DOOM? Did you have an easy teether or a super fussy one? Spill the secrets, feel free to drop some knowledge in the comments! We'd love to hear from you!

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Love Always,
FBB Team 

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