Sun Essentials for Babies and Children!

On April 6th, we had a live Facebook video featuring 10 summer essentials for babies and children, and today we want to revisit this!

We are finally (well, we THINK) on the upswing of the warmer weather and sunny skies, so let's talk essentials!

  1. Natural Sunscreen
  • All of our sunscreens contain zinc oxide – which creates a physical barrier against the sun, and most are non-whitening, water resistant and easy to apply.
  • They are good from 6+ months onward, but if you have a younger little, there are other ways to help protect their skin!
  • Check out our selection, HERE.
  1. Sun Hats
  • Twinklebelle Grow-With-Me hats are the bees knees. They run in three sizes; Small (0-9months), Medium (9-36months) and Large (3 years – 12 years). They are adjustable in two areas that help create the ever-changing fit, which means you don’t have to scramble every year to find a new hat! Unless you want another colour or print.
  • They have a nice wide brim all around the hat itself, and have 50 UPF rated cotton fabrics as well as a few Aqua-Dry styles that are fast drying and still 50 UPF rated!
  • Take a peek at our selection, HERE.
  1. Sunglasses
  • We all love a good pair of sunglasses, and usually that’s the tell-tale sign of good weather! But even in winter when the sun reflects off the snow, we need the shades. Babies and children are no different, and we should protect their eyes as soon as possible.
  • Baby Banz are a great option for the little ones eyes, as they help block 99-100% of both UVA and UVB rays, and also some styles have a Velcro fastener which help keep them on!
  • Here you can see our selection of Baby Banz.
  1. Swim Diapers
  • Here at Fluffy Bottom Babies, we LOVE swim diapers. They are much more convenient, and fast drying, and easier on the wallet, easier on the environment and way cuter than disposable swim diapers. These allow the liquids to pass freely, and stop the poop in its tracks – where as disposable swim diapers absorb ALL of the liquids, including the pool water! YIKES. They are also sized, which will help get the perfect fit along with some seriously awesome prints and colours.
  • See our reusable swim diapers, HERE.
  1. Wet Bags
  • Stop carrying plastic bags for wet clothes everywhere – wet bags are a total life and environment saver! Plus they look way better. We have several styles and sizes of wet bags to choose from – you can get some large enough to fit swimsuits, to towels and in between. They are very easy to wash, but when it comes to drying them, in order to keep them from leaking liquids, dry them on a low heat, or hang dry!
  • Toss your wet garments in the wet bag and toss the wet bag into a dry bag without fear of anything else getting wet!
  • Check out our selection of wet bags, HERE.
  1. Tuffo Outdoor Blanket
  • Going to the beach or planning a picnic in the park? Grab your Tuffo Outdoor Blanket and know you’ll be covered. This blanket is very large, and is water proof. Yep – you read that correctly! Water proof, easy to clean AND has its own carrying handles built in!
  • The blanket comes in several prints, seen HERE.
  1. Chimparoo Water Ring Sling
  • Need a hands-free carrier that is great in the warm weather and meant for being in the water? Check out this years ring sling from Chimparoo, the Air-O! Great if you have a toddler running around and a baby to wear while you’re at the beach. And perfect for those summer walks and excursions.
  • Take a peek at the Air-O!
  1. Water Bottles
  • It’s very important to stay hydrated, especially so when it gets warm. Every member of the family should have a reusable water bottle with them, and we have a great selection to choose from in store. From the glass Life Factory bottles, to stainless steel Pura bottles, there is one to suit every need at every age!
  • Find our water bottle selection, HERE.
  1. Beach Tote
  • Did you know the Ju-Ju-Be Super Be makes a GREAT beach tote? It’s very light (12 ounces!), and has a large carrying capacity with a zippered top to keep everything inside.
  • Each Super Be has three exterior pockets on one side, a large back pocket, two mesh pockets inside the bag and a zippered pocket inside! Ju-Ju-Be knows how to make smart bags, and if their smart pocket organizing system isn’t enough, it’s WASHABLE! Teflon coated and anti-microbial (the lining) with a light coloured lining inside just adds to its amazing ability to be the one and only beach tote.
  • Check out our Ju-Ju-Be Super Be selection, HERE.
  1. Hooded Towels
  • Hooded towels are just plain fun, and practical! They keep the kids warm and dry, with a pocket for the head and hands so it makes it easy to cocoon themselves. Plus, with different animal choices, they can use this towel as a dress-up item at home on rainy days!
  • We also have the Lulujo Turkish towel, which is ideal for any member of the family (100% cotton, 150cm x 100cm) and it’s fast drying, very absorbent and pack easily.
  • Any sort of hooded towel or Turkish towel is also really great on the slightly over-cast beach days, as the UV rays are often trickier! And they make excellent cover-ups if you happen to catch a nap on the beach.
  • Browse the hooded towels, HERE.
  • And browse the Lulujo Turkish towels HERE

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