What to pack in your birth bag - Mother's Day Special

Today, May 11th, 2017, our live video featured the topic, what to pack in your birth bag/tips to prepare for the arrival of your new bundle! 
If you missed the live video, don't worry, you can watch it here!

With Mother's day arriving shortly we thought we would talk about expecting moms and what to pack in their hospital bag for when they go into labour!

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We have been lucky enough to recieve some AMAZING items from our sponsers and neighbors.They include, Indigospirit Sunnyside Mall, Comfort Orthotics and Podiatry Clinic, Made in the Maritimes, and The Body Shop Sunnyside Mall! 

Along side Ivy today was Monique, from The Birth Collective

P.S. The Birth Collective has been SO kind and donated a pass to the July 9th Workshop for the giveaway basket!!

If you haven't heard of The Birth Collective, they are a team of 3 birth professionals, Jennifer, Leslie, and Monique herself! 
In the video, Monique explained that she is a postpartum doula and birth educator; 

  • She says, as a PP doula she works with moms and families once the baby is born
  • Monique can help you with just about anything from breastfeeding, infant care in general, meal prep/chores, bathing baby, even how to use your carrier!
  • She is very passionate about maternal mental health
  • One of her unique classes she teaches is called Fearless Birth, where the intention is to release fear surrounding childbirth so women can birth with confidence!

We will be having a Birth Collective Workshop here in store on July 9th, 2017 at 9am until 12pm! Jennifer and Monique will be here to teach it! You don't have to be a first time parent! We have second time parents who take these classes just to brush up on skills or learn things they didn't know the first time around! They will go through each stage of labour and do a lot of myth busting! 

You can sign up for this workshop on the bith collective website, Fluffy Bottom Babies website, or stop by and register in store! 

If you would like to learn more about what The Birth Collective can offer you and your family, read more about them on their website here.

Now, lets get to the list of what to pack- we're going to stick to the essentials!
Monique suggests to pack 2 bags, and to have them packed around the 37 week mark just to be safe!

Bag #1 - The going into labour bag 

For this bag we suggest the JuJuBe BFF! It has plenty of room and pockets to store all of your essential belongings, and it can convert to be worn as a backpack, or use the shoulder strap!

What to put in it;

  • ID + Health Card + Insurance + special diet instructions, and brith plan (it is a good idea to explore your birth preferences and have them written down for your nurse)
  • Any medications you are taking
  • Slippers/flip flops, socks, robe/wrap sweater, old nightgown or big T shirt - make sure you only bring clothing you don't mind ruining, birth is messy!!) **** Comfort Orthotics has graciously donated an AMAZING pair of slippers and two pairs of socks for our basket giveaway!!***
  • Lip balm/hair elastics/headband
  • Hard candies/honey sticks
  • Electrolyte drinks/coconut water
  • Rebozo (learn more in the Birth Partner Workshop - (Monique did a demo of the double hip squeeze with a LuLuJo Turkish Towel in the live video!)
  • Relaxation tools; magic bag, lotion/massage oil, music/iPod, stress ball

Bag #2 - The postpartum bag 
This bag will hold your after birth essentials for yourself and for baby. P.S. Dont forget! Your partner should bring a bag with them as well, they will need a few things for the stay!

For the postpartum bag we suggest the JuJuBe Super Be! It's a huge bag, but runs very light so if you end up not having to use it, you can stuff it away in your JuJuBe Bff! 

What to put in this bag - We are using the IWK list that you can find on their website as a guide, but we have added/subtracted to this list based on our experiences as doulas and moms!

  • 2 pens and some paper/notebook (to keep track of your babies eating, urine and bowel movements, and you will also need to complete papers regarding the birth) ****Indigospirit graciously donated these items for our basket!!***
  • 2 Nursing bras or good support bras (the bras we mentioned were Cake Mousse, and the Rock Candy by Cake
  • 12 breast pads (Applecheeks, Bummis reusable pads)
  • 24 sanitary napkins (super absorbent are requried) - We offer the Charlie Banana and Bummis reusable pads
  • Atleast 5 pairs of underwear - no thongs as it is difficult to wear a peri-pad with a thong
  • Nightgown/pajamas, nursing shirt, extra socks, outfit to go home in
  • Toiletries; shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, brush, tissues, bottom balm/spray - **HINT** The JuJu Be Be Quick is great for packing these items! ALSO - ** Made in the Maritimes and the Body Shop have donated these items for our basket!!***
  • Small amount of money (for snacks and miscellaneous items)
  • Camera/video camera/extra batteries/chargers
  • Watch or small travel clock
  • Books/magazines 

We're still on the bag #2 here - but now we're going to list essentials to pack for your brand new bundle of joy! - You can keep it organized within your postpartum bag by using a wet bag!

  • Two to three dozen diapers (approx 12-14 used per day, cloth diapers, wet bags, cloth wipes)
  • Diaper cream (we carry, anointment, angel baby, bummis, and delish naturals)
  • Two onesies ** Indigo so graciously donate these items as well!!!**
  • One take-home outfit
  • One receiving blanket (we carry, lulujo, tula, aden+anais, and little unicorn brands)
  • One heavy blanket (incase it gets cold)
  • One CMVSS (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) infant car seat, removed from the box and assembled. Please also bring the car seat manual with you, as it may be needed if you are having difficulties. You are expected to have attempte to put the car seat into your car yourself as staff cannot go to the car with you. Snowsuits and buntig bags are not recommended to be used for taking babies home in car seats as the straps do not fasten snug enough. Using them is not safe. 

IWK Feeding;
The IWK Health Centre promotesand supports breast feeding (you may want to invest in some nipple cream, and a nursing cover/scarf - we carry all of these in store and online!!)

The IWK will help you make informed decisions about your choice of infant feeding. They team is there to support you and provide you with the best possible care for you and baby!

That's everything on our list! We hope this helps you to narrow down what to pack for your new journey! Feel free to comment some suggestions if we missed anything!

Thanks for your support!

Love Always,
FBB Team


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