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Have you signed up for our newsletter yet?

I'm just suggesting you do, because you might find our next newsletter very, very interesting.

And pretty hefty, too. I'm sitting here, surrounded by items to be shipped out and quite a few boxes yet to be unpacked.

I'm also going to brag: I have a delicious cup of vanilla matcha latte from our new neighbours, David's Tea. They may or may not also be a part of whatever we put into our next newsletter.

So where does one sign up! You can go onto our website, right on the homepage, or you can just click this handy-dandy link! 


We will send out newsletters containing anything pertaining to the store, such as sales, new products, product testimonials, employee 'interviews' and even events! And only those who subscribe will get the first insider information about all of those things!


Also don't forget, we are still looking to add to our amazing team! See this blog post for details!

- Camillia

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